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"I’d quickly give my freedom to be held in your captivity." [entries|friends|calendar]

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"Hey, i've got nothing to do today but smile." [07 Sep 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

I found my missing gerbil today. He was trapped under my bed. i feel sooo guilty. when i found him he was just lying there lifeless. my mom made me feel soo horrible, saying that while i was up in my room, playing and laughing with my nephew, and watching tv and listening to music, my gerbil was probably wondering why i wasn't rescuing him while he was slowly fading away. i feel so bad for the poor thing because he was trapped and he died slowly. i cant believe im crying over this dumb gerbil, and i also cant believe im writing about him in my live journal.

well, tomorrow is back to reality and back to school!
who knows if we will have school on friday cause of hurricane ivan.

i saw Wicker Park!!! it was beautiful! i loved it, and not only because josh hartnett was in it! i have to find an icon of him relating to that movie!

love ya,

8Couldn’t keep up Dance with Me...

[12 Aug 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]


i love the rifle work! its sooo challening and hard and fast and hott!! my hands can barely function!

Shoutouts to the people that made my day: CARO- my head popping, maxing out partner. yay! for our first time being next to eachother in drill, and our over excitement over the rifle work! JADE- you are always have me smiling and laughing! you had me cracking up in rifle block. (forgot what you said, but it was funny.) i love you! im your flounder! CRYSTAL- thank you for wearing that raja (sp?) / simba costume in the blazing hot sun so that i wouldn't look like the only idiot out on the field. lol! we looked pretty funny! KELLY- corn yo! yes! for a moment we have in the begining! ooh and for making up random songs and singing them....T-A-M-P-A!?! umm.... ASH-O-LEE- for telling me that your dot book fell in the toliet...lol! im still laughing from that! AMANADA- i actually made you laugh! i never make people laugh, well, besides when they laugh at me. remember live life!!!! lol
LAUREN- my swing flag maxing out partner. lol! mira, mira
monkey!!! i love you lauren! lol, for when you pulled down ash-o-lee's top!! DERECK- for being next to you for every page of drill!! ANDREA- i love you! you are too amazing! MARISSA- you are soo ghetto right now! you crack me up, and are amazing also! LIA- my poll partner! EMILY- what line are you in!?! JEN- we were supposed to be partners again!! whats up with that....or maybe thats just for winterguard? JUSTIN and MONICA- im sooooooo happy you guys are back! you guys are soo incredible! TROY- mom has to get us some sunscreen and some aloe fast!! last but not least......NIKI- i love you! you are my two's partner and stretch partner and baton partner and cheeseburger partner!!!! what am i gonna do without you!?! i know im forgetting someone, but im just too tired to think...

tomorrow is my last day of band camp....

i love you guys,

2Couldn’t keep up Dance with Me...

[27 Jul 2004|11:28pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i have some good news for marissa, kelly, troy, jade, fausto, eric and who ever has given me a ride before, cause.......i got a car!!!!

yay! no more needing rides from anyone!

i had my first time driving alone in a freaking hurricane and in the dark! i couldn't see anything. i was so scared! but my mom was driving in front of me and she was on speaker phone the whole time!

well, im now off to watching confessions of a teenage drama queen....even though everyone said it was horrible, i still wanna see it.

ooh!!! i got the candid dvd! its AMAZING. but only because it has all of caro's footage.

love always,

p.s. beth, i hope you get better real soon. i love you soooooooooooooo much! i'll pray for you.

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"Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay awhile." [23 Jul 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

short update:
I saw the Notebook again today. Its even amazing the second time! gosh, its so incredible! Lately i have been having tons of fun with everyone doing the most spontaneous things! great bonding and great adventures! the days have been soo unpredictable, which makes them even better! my mom won the dvd of confessions of a teenage drama queen!! lol caro! alex's house tonight! shall be lots of fun!


1Couldn’t keep up Dance with Me...

[18 Jul 2004|01:45am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Somebody pinch me i think im dreaming.... i just practically spent the WHOLE freaking day with the CADETS, along with kelly and marissa. from watching them in sectionals, to watching the whole ensemble, to getting a lovely tour of their bus and their kitchen, to cheering them on at warmups, and to finally see their whole production at competition. it was simply AMAZING! omgosh....6 words......I WANNA MARCH CADETS NEXT SUMMER. and im gonna make it  happen..i was in heaven! we took pictures next to the cadets tour bus and bought cadet t-shirts. Emma is definity the greatest!

we got to see scooby and natalia. they all did awesome.

yesterday was great too. i got to see monica and justin!!!! they are soooooooo amazing. i cant even explain how good they are. we bought them a whole bunch of food. and we got to spend time with them. it was so great to see them. monica also gave us a grand tour of the boston crusaders bus. it actually wasn't smelly! awesome...awesome...awesome...

i feel complete.

right now, we are all at troy's mom's house and we are watching south park. very funny. this was such an amazing trip!


marissa is so ghetto right now....just a few minutes ago she was on the phone talking all ghetto and stuff....too funny!




p.s. "Look at the hummer, look at the limo, look at the ALBINO." troy's mom....

Dance with Me...

[09 Jul 2004|12:26am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so, i got my senior proof pics in the mail today. they were decent. i mean....my hair came out really straight, but i have a really fake smile. my mom's face was priceless when she saw the pictures. she wasn't really impressed with how they looked either....oh well.

busy days up ahead..yay! today i saw kelly for a little bit! yay! missed her. and i also got to hang out with alex and jade! i love you guys!

good luck on your driving test jade and eric! i hope you guys do great! if you dont pass, theres no hope for me....

i wanna see the notebook again!!

i have nothing else to say.

yay for ashley!! im sooo glad you're not leaving us!

love ya,

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today.... [08 Jul 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was pretty awesome. i woke up early and did eric's "workout." it was pretty tiring. we all met at flanagan's track. fausto, pablo, leo, eric, donny and ricky were there. we had to run laps, different types of sprints, 25 push ups and 25 sit ups. then we all went to eric's to do the "ab workout." went home. showered. and then fausto, pablo and eric b. picked me up. fausto's car stalled right infront of my house, it was out of gas. so eric and fausto had to push an SUV all the way around the block and into a guest parking lot. fausto had his uncle get gas somehow, and 40 minuites later we were on our way to super wal-mart and josh's house. during those 40 minutes, eric, pablo and i witnessed some serious stuff happening infront of a house. they kept me entertained. at josh's house we watched freddy vs. jason. britney showed up too. then we all headed to ashley's party.it started at 6, we got there around 9:30 and left an hour later. it was fun. we left cause we all thought that we would meet up with jade and marissa, but it ended up they didn't go, so we went to wendy's. we stopped by super wal-mart again, looked through 2 for $11 dvds, headed towards the toy section, and now im home.

today i just realized how much i miss marching season. getting to practice with the whole band, football games and all the competitions! im soo excited! yay for monday!
tomorrow i work..but i get paid on friday! im gonna do the "workout" again friday too. and possibly movies..anchorman or something like that. saturday is beach thing..exciting! and monday is mini camp! wahoo!

love ya guys,

Dance with Me...

[05 Jul 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

i got my senior pics taken today! i really hope they come out nice. afterwards i went with my mom to the broward mall, and i drove home. lately, i have been having lots of fun with everyone! good times, good times. i cant wait to get the World Championship DVD and hopefully we'll someday get the candid dvd. this was a very short update. im now off to chuckie cheese with my nephew!

love ya,

p.s. i miss you justin, monica, and scooby! i hope you guys are having fun! ill see you in orlando!

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[04 Jul 2004|12:36am]
[ mood | happy ]

today was great! hung out w/ fausto for a lil while. then eric joined us. we went to blockbuster and eric got a scary movie. we went to the pet store and saw this newborn baby gerbil. it was sooo small and hairless... later we got jade and we went to fausto's to watch the movie. we all got scared to death... jade and i bonded as always. jade i love you!! overall, it was greatness.

by the way,


i have a question...for senior pictures what color feather thing should i wear and what color rose?
any suggestions!?!

love ya all,

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"...It wasn't over and it still isn't over." [03 Jul 2004|12:55am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

went to the movies and finally saw the Notebook! it was soooo good! im just speechless. it was exactly like the book. it kinda sucked that i knew what was happening and i wasn't surprised. but wow! that movie deserves an oscar. it was simply beautiful! wow...i wish it didn't end...i was in love with that movie. i want to buy the soundtrack now and get a big poster lol. it was so weird cause right after the movie was over, you turn and look at everyone and they were all bawling and had tears in their eyes, it was soo depressing. the movie was really depressing! its up there with love actually and message in a bottle. oh, i have to see that movie at least 5 more times, and ill be satisfied. i want to read the book again too. amazing...

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HEY! [02 Jul 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i finally stretched today! first time since i think when we were all in san diego. and it felt good! i got my split back! i just need to keep this up and stretch more often. wahoo! mini camp is soon! im excited. then comes dci trip! on monday i take my senior pictures at 11:45. ahhh! im so nervous! i dont want to be one of those pictures in the yearbook, that everyone looks at and says, "Ha! what was she thinking!?!" i was reading jade's journal...and its starting to hit me..we are gonna be SENIORS! so exciting, yet so scary! these 4 years have gone by soo fast!

i am dying to see, "THE NOTEBOOK." i am about to go by myself and see it, i cant wait any longer! the book was amazing. i hate reading books, and this one i couldn't even put down. It kinda sucks though, cause i know the ending and all the stuff that happens.

im off to straighting my hair..


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[30 Jun 2004|11:37am]
[ mood | excited ]


im without a doubt, most likely going to be driving to school next year. I am going to take my driver's license's test on july 19 or 20th. (i was gonna the week before, but thats mini camp and dci!) my mom said she is going to look for cars for me late july, early august. i am taking driving lessons with an instructor,and he has been helping me a lot so far, so hopefully i'll pass.

so all you people that always have to drive to the boondocks to get me, wont have to in a couple of months! i hope i can still get a decal... my mom has been looking at 2004 civics. but who knows what i'll get. im really excited... i hope everything works out. ::knocks on wood::

YAY! we're seeing Spider-man 2 today! i got the ticket in my hand! we're gonna check out the c.b. smith water park today too. today will be a fun filled adventure!


* my mom said if im lucky, i might be able to drive to band camp in august :)

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"..I just need you to acknowledge I am here." [28 Jun 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | curious ]

where to start...so far been a great summer.. work has been keeping me busy and so have my friends. Friday, i went to see White Chicks with some friends. i was laughing the entire time. saturday was really fun! i went shopping with my mom. afterwards, troy picked me up and we went to jade's. we watched reno 911 until fausto, lauren and diego came. we headed to the spring valley pool and swam and ate mcdonalds. its always a lot of fun swimming at night! then, i went home and watched "Daddy Daycare." it was a cute movie. today i worked until 4, and i finally watched Spiderman with my nephew. Wednesday shall be a great day! we're gonna do an all day thing, have no idea yet, but of course we are gonna see spiderman 2!


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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21 Jun 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I LOVE MY NEW ICON!!!!!!!!!!!

4Couldn’t keep up Dance with Me...

summer time.... [14 Jun 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

where to start.....again i am having the best times w/ kelly! i love that girl. i have no idea what i would be doing this summer without her! probably bored to death.

quick update........

i guess i have a new summer gang. which mostly
includes fausto, kelly, crystal, troy, and lauren. saturday night, crystal, troy and i hung out at kelly's. we watched "Love Actually" the best movie EVER!!! we made pizza and had some yummy chinese. kelly picked up lauren. we all bonded a lot. we made some kettle corn and ate like the biggest fatties. watched our prelims video 20 million times. amanda showed up and we watched RENO 911.....so funny! we made mac and cheese. watched some of meet the parents and did some definite bonding! i love them! lol kelly recorded troy singing, "the reason" and him laughing. it was too fun!
sunday i hung out with fausto, kelly, eric, josh, and jade. it was fun. before that kelly and i bought some icecream @ mcdonalds! this kid that looked like a runaway followed us and asked for a ride to university....freaked us out.

next sunday lauren and i are going to bond...food and a sleepover!?! w/e we do is going to be fun!

going to have fun tonight!! dont know what, but if its w/ my friends, no matter where we go it will end up being awesome!

i <3 you.


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ITS FINALLY SUMMER! [10 Jun 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yay! this is going to be a great summer! im soo excited! i cant wait to do all the fun filled adventures we all planned, especially the ones planned with kelly!lol the list goes on. today was a blast! i went to the mall with crystal, troy and kelly. we ate and met up w/ fausto, pablo, marissa, diego, and that whole gang. had great laughs like always. after wards, crystal, troy, kelly and i went to crystal's house. we saw all the san diego pics and went in her backyard. her dog almost killed a little duckling. they all thought it was funny, but it was kinda sad. the poor mother duck was going crazy! troy attempted to fish, but he has very bad aim. we all ordered pizza and watched the MTV awards! the show wasn't that good, but i still definitely had the BEST time bonding with them.
This summer i am planning to work a lot and bond with everyone. yea! DCI trip! plus waaaay more! WaHoO!!!

love ya,

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Do you realize that happiness makes you cry? [25 May 2004|07:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]

my dream for this summer is to be able to march cadets.
i hope my dream comes true. for the past 3 days thats all i have been thinking about. i may not show it,im more like hiding it. i just wish mr. broadbent would believe in me or something. all of a sudden i got the biggest slap in the face or something telling me to just go for it! its killing me inside....ahh! i just had to RELEASE that out of my head.....lol...just like all i need is a RELEASE form and then i could go...

now that thats out of my head...i also just realized i HATE recital. i can't wait til its over, thats for sure. wow, i really am starting to sound like one of those really depressing people who complain all the time....thats not me!! im just having one of those days...

im really excited for friday! yay alex! and im also ecstatic for a 4 day weekend of no stress...i hope!

still waiting....

love to my gangstas,

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you blink and its over [04 Apr 2004|04:56pm]
WOW! championships was AMAZING! i guess all that stress and them pushing us so much we just wanna eets them is all worth it. i was feeling it, and i could see the fire in everyone's eyes before we performed! i had the best maxing out show! technically, i had a lot of half catches, one of them i always spank during practices, which kinda bummed me. but im pretty sure my face made it look like i was supposed to catch it that way. it was the greatest feeling after our performance, just knowing you gave your all and hearing the crowd's response. retreat was a lot of fun! Yea! BC (Back crew) we got a 90.9. we went up 5.9 points! we are ready for san diego! especially after this whole week of practice! i love spring break.....

"A" guard: you guys were amazing. i love you guys. each and every one of you guys are AMAZING! you might not realize it, but you are so incredible!!!!!!!!

forgot to update about jacksonville, so here it goes:


i love you guys!

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beach bums! [06 Mar 2004|08:57am]
This weekend was the greatest! it started off with jade, caro, kelly, lauren, niki, lizzy, tara and lia heading off to the beach after school. i rode up with kelly, caro and jade. we got mcdonalds and sundaes! On the way to the beach, we listened to our world guard soundtrack, we had it blasted with our windows down. we swam for a little, swallowed a handful of sand and got $1 ice cream. before we left we blasted our soundtrack again, and did the fight club in the parking lot, in bathing suits, with cars driving by and all. Once we dropped everyone off, jade, kelly and i went to kelly's, took a shower and got ready to go to the carnival. the carnival was a lot of fun, we met up with eric, troy, alexa, veronika, fausto, diego, christy and patricia. the only bad part was the people that worked there were very scary and extremely weird. kelly, veronika and i went on the scrambler, and when we got on the guy said "ready to have sex" or something like that. really freaky! Thank you kelly for everything, and for putting up with me and jade, and driving us everywhere.

Today, i woke up pretty early to go to kelly's b-day breakfast. it was a lot of fun! i love kelly! she is the best! it was alex, eric, jade, caro, kelly(duh!), troy, lizzy,lia, and lauren. we ate like pigs and then headed off to the beach again. but this time it was only kelly, caro, lauren, lizzy ,lia, ashely, mark and i. we spent the entire day. we got the $1 ice cream again, tanned!(or should i say burned)we swam a lot, buried mark in the sand, met a kid named carol who only spoke french, built 10,000 sand castles, saw a "victoria secret model" lol! it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! on the way back we listened to the world guard music again, but the old one with the missy elliot version. we ate mcdonalds again and talked for about an hour or more about everything!!

i had a lot of fun with caro, lauren and kelly! we defintly bonded! going to the beach made me so excited for san diego! and the summer! i cant wait till summer!

i love you guys!

3Couldn’t keep up Dance with Me...

[04 Mar 2004|09:44am]
Practice was a lil crazy today. didn't end too good. we had a good talk with our officers. it really made me think how much we take a lot of this stuff for granted. i felt really guilty for a lot of things. because im not always there to help get the floor out for practice, im sometimes late to spin club, and on wednesday in class i was being really lazy. but having that talk really motivated me. and i am going to try my hardest to step it up a knotch, and not be the slacker this time. im going to be a new person starting tomorrow in class! The funy part was while we were having such a serious talk, out of no where a blimp(sp?) flys right over us, looking as if it was going to land on top of us! pretty funny! it really scared us though, it looked like a ufo or something. sabres had a bonding moment putting the floor away.

So, supposedly my dog had a tumor in her mouth, and the doctor said if they do surgery she might die since she has a bad heart. my mom took her yesterday to get a second opinion, and it turns out that tumor was a really bad tooth. all she had was a freakin toothache. and today she is all back to normal.

i still have to type my essay for english which i have no idea what again to write about. go figure. thanks ms cappy!

i love you jade! im sorry for wednesday!

love ya,

p.s. what i am grateful for on this colorguard....
1. Mr. Braodbent's parents.
2. Mr. Broadbent's heart.
3. Emma and Shawna
5. The connection and love we all have for

and last but not least:

The person who invented COLORGUARD!
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